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WEDO.SCHOOL at a Glance

A comprehensive all-in-one course-building platform, featuring advanced E-learning and Web Conferencing tools in an easy-to-use interface.

WEDO social App

Add social-networking functionality to your courses with instant messaging, forums, discussion groups, timelines, and much more.

WEDO lms App

Our LMS App lets you create courses, lessons, assignments, quizzes and more. Instructors can grade, while students can check their progress.

WEDO shop App

Our Shop App lets you sell your courses online by easily creating one-time or recurring payments, process transactions, and easily generate invoices.

WEDO room App

Our Rooms App adds advanced video conferencing features like whiteboards, sub-rooms, screen-sharing and presentation uploads.


Our Events App lets you set events in the course calendar for everyone, or just announcements and class schedules for your students.

Additional Apps


Use the calendar to add events, meetings, and scheduled calls to your website.


Create interactive content like quizzes, slideshows and fact sheets.


Use Zoom in social groups and create meetings, save recordings without ever leaving your site.

Select a Template

We have a range of templates available for you to try out, but you can also choose to create your own – or let us create one for you.

Customize Your Course

Easily add your own content – text, images, headlines – to your selected template with our drag-and-drop Live Editor, formatting as you go along.

Dark Mode

Studying at night doesn't have to strain your eyes. With Dark Mode, you can administer your courses in low-light situations.

User Friendly

Building and managing your courses or websites has never been easier!


Our tool is responsive across all devices, meaning that students can easily access courses via desktop, mobile, and tablet.

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