Terms of participation for the contest: “WEDO SCHOOL CONTEST: Create your own online school”

1. IDECIMA (forementioned “organizer”), organizes a contest (forementioned “Contest”) promoted through Facebook which aims at the promotion of the Organizer and at the selection of 5 winners. Every winner gets a year subscription for 50 students.

2. Participation at the Contest implies that the participant accepts the terms of participation.

3. Eligible to participate are all international citizens, whose age is abobe 18 years old. From the contest we exclude: all employees of IDECIMA, partner companies and relatives of a’ and b’ degree.

4. A submission is considered eligible when the participant has completed the participation form at:

5. The contest will run until Friday, 11/12/2020 at 23:59 and it will select a winner every Friday until the 11th of December. The Organizer has the right to prolong or reduce the duration of the contest for a reasonable cause under the condition that this cause will be published.

6. The participants’ information details given to the Organizer, they will be uploaded trough the special form at the website: Participants’ information data will remain at the platform until the end of the contest and they will be deleted after the completion of the contest.

7. The draw of the winner will take place using an automated procedure through a specially designed platform for that reason.

8. The winner of each Friday’s draw will be announced every Monday before 12:00pm until 11/12/2020 at the Facebook page of WEDO.SCHOOL

9. Every winner must contact the organizer until 11/12/2020 with a personal message at the Facebook page of WEDO SCHOOL or through email at If the winner doesn’t contact the organizer until 11/12/2020, he/she automatically loses every right of the award and he/she will be replaced by another winner following the abovementioned procedure. 

10. The award will be issued to the winner after communicating with the organizer by phone or email.

11. Participants through their participation, they give their consent to the organizer to use their information details for the aims of the contest. 

12. Participants through their participation accept that their name will be published in Facebook in case they are winners.

13. Considering the GDPR of the organizer, you can visit the website of the organizer.

14. Participants understand and accept the fact that the Contest maybe affected or paused due to problems on the web. Generally, we must take into account that the performance, the emails and the data transfer as well as the access to the Contest they may alternate or stop due to technological problems as they are directly affected from the possibilities of the technology and they are beyond the competences of the Organizer.

15. Purchase is not required in order to participate at the Contest.  

16. The Organizer has the right to change the terms of participation or cancel the contest without warning or/ and important reason.

17. The Organizer has the right to cancel a participation if there are indications that there is infringement or circumvention of the terms of participation. Moreover, if the violator is one of the winners, the Organizer has the right to refuse the winning of that person.

18. The here mentioned terms of participation are governed and interpreted by the Greek Justice. Every dispute, disagreement and differentiation which has to do with the terms of participation of this Contest and it cannot be resolved with mutual understanding, it will be resolved under the Greek Law. For every dispute it may take place regarding the Contest, the Greek Court will be responsible.

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