Built-In LMS

Your course website comes with a fully-functional Learning  Management System (LMS) built-in. 

Learn more about our LMS features below.

Multimedia Lessons

No more boredom. Use audio, visual, and multimedia tools and videos to excite your students.


Define the steps needed for your students to unlock courses, lessons, or assignments.

Assignments & Quizzes

Easily design and create assignments or multimedia quizzes.

Course Builder

The drag-and-drop Course Builder enables you to create the entire course from a single screen.

Course Import/ Export

Do you own more than one course website on our network? Easily import/export your courses to more than one course website.

Student Dashboard

Students can save their assignments, keep track of deadlines and notifications, and manage their profile at any time.

Site Owner Dashboard

Site Owners can define course instructors, invite students and parents, keep track of attendance and grades, and even set up manual payments.

Instructional Design

The Instructional Design enables you to structure your lessons in a way that is easy to understand and follow.


Our integration with H5P lets you create and edit rich content including, interactive videos, presentations, games, multimedia, quizzes and a lot more.

Explore all H5P content types and take your courses to a whole new level.

Advanced Video Conferencing

Do you conduct live training or run virtual conferences? ROOM is the answer. 

Includes advanced video conferencing features like whiteboards, sub-rooms, screen-sharing, and presentation uploads.

Rooms for Online Training & Meetings

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An online whiteboard that you can write or draw on.

Microphone & Camera Support

Participants can use their own microphone or camera (or both) to join a ROOM.

Breakout Rooms

Create groups and encourage participants to work in teams, or privately, by creating sub-rooms.

Screen Sharing

Participants can share their screen with others during a call.


Share notes and take part in discussions in every room and sub-room.

Social Communities

Studies have shown that people who are actively engaged with your content are more likely to retain it and apply it. 

Everyone’s time is important, and incorporating a social component into your training helps participants learn and retain more information.

Therefore, it’s vital to build a community around your courses. Have you ever used Facebook? You’ll feel right at home!

Virtual Classroom Experience​

WEDO.SCHOOL allows you to create unlimited group types connected to your virtual classroom. Examples: School, Department, Classroom and Team.


Each group can have an individual forum to interact, share questions and communicate or with other members.​

Document Uploads

WEDO.SHOOL users may upload different content types including PDFs, images and files and share them with their connections.


Find people to connect with, add them to your connection list and be able to communicate with on WEDO.


The Timeline news feed includes updates related to your connections and keeps you informed of content you might have missed within the school

Instant Messaging

In WEDO, you can instantly message connections, add files and images and use emoji.

Build-in Shop

WEDO.SCHOOL gives you everything you need to boost your course sales and increase revenue.

Credit Card Payments
One Time Payments
Recurring Payments
Paypal Integration
One Screen Checkout
Ecommerce Dashboard
Bulk Sales
Affiliate Ready
Offline Sales
Customizable Enrollment
Payment Switching


Help participants keep track of weekly and monthly events. Set meetings, schedule assignment deadlines, and display announcements.

Data & Reporting

All metrics will be visible right within your admin panel dashboard, making it easy to evaluate your course website’s performance.

LMS Reporting

Information about participants, courses, memberships, assignments, quizzes, enrollments, and course sales.

Google Analytics

Your course website is connected with Google Analytics. You could also request that we implement your tracking code. 

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