WEDO.SCHOOL can be connected to your Zoom account as an instructor so that you can add your meetings to your groups. Create and join Zoom meetings entirely through your WEDO.SCHOOL website.


e-MARKETER is our very own marketing and website personalization tool. Supercharge your WEDO.SCHOOL website’s features by adding targeted dynamic content and send emails to users through our advanced targeting system.


Add an online store to your WEDO.SCHOOL website with the use of our online store builder. Integrate your store with social networks like Facebook and Instagram and start selling your products like a pro.


Sending reminders and promotional e-mails to your customers or co-workers is a vital procedure of running an online school or community.

Mailchimp integrates with WEDO.SCHOOL to give you access to mailing lists and templates to start connecting with your audience.


With the use of Twillio, your WEDO.SCHOOL can have SMS functionality, notifying users of of milestones or free course enrollments. Also, administrators can get SMS notifications on student’s progress and more.


Add tags to users that are using your WEDO.SCHOOL website based on their enrollment status and use those to connect with them through promotional and educational emails.


Add Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia videos to your WEDO.SCHOOL website with custom colors to match your aesthetics. Visualizing your courses and services will give users the initiative to stay engaged longer.


With Kliken, you can “unleash” your traffic, leads and sales by sticking to a marketing strategy that fits your business. Be it a course promotion strategy or ways to promote your community, Kliken can be your ally in reaching out a wider audience.

Smartcrawl Pro

Smartcrawl Pro boosts your traffic by offering a detailed yet easy to use SEO strategy. Reach the top of search engines’ pages by using Smartcrawl Pro’s step by step guide and never have to worry about getting discovered again.