H5P is an open source HTML5 content creator which allows users to make presentations, interactive quizzes and much more and integrate them in web pages. By proxy, H5P is free to use for everyone. However, all content created for free will be available online for every user on its platform.

WEDO.SCHOOL provides private H5P licenses to school owners and instructors that want to integrate this capability with their online school. The minimum fee of 120€ per year ensures that all your content is private and can be seen only by users on your school.

Remember that you don’t need to create an account on H5P to get started. As soon as you purchase your H5P license, your account will get the functionality and you’ll be able to create interactive content straight from WEDO.SCHOOL.

Installing H5P Content Types #

Starting off with the H5P installation, you’ll need to choose what content types you want to start using and install them to your school. To do so, navigate to Select Content Type and click Get on each demo you like, as shown in the image below:

On the popup, choose Install and you’ll have the content type ready to use. Just click Use and create your quiz-puzzle.

Add H5P Content to Course #

Shortcode #

As soon as you click Use, you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll see your created quiz in action. On the right, you’ll see a Shortcode field. Copy the shortcode that is generated.

After you copy your shortcode, move to your course and open the block selector and choose Shortcode.

Add the H5P shortcode you generated in the input field and click update.

iFrame #

To add any H5P content to your course, you’ll need to get the H5P iframe code you created and add it manually.

After creating your H5P quiz, click on Embed and copy the iframe code you see. Then go to your course and choose embed from the block list.

Add the copied iframe code to the input text field and hit Update. Your H5P content will be available immediately.