WEDO.SCHOOL offers a 15-day trial as soon as you choose your plan and create your school. However, when that trial is over, you’ll need to add your payment credentials and start your monthly or yearly subscription to our service.

If you take advantage of your full trial, you’ll be prompted to add your payment credentials the first time you log into your school. If you wish to start your plan earlier, then you should follow the steps below.

Go to your Account: Go to your Admin Dashboard and Click Account on the left sidebar. This will navigate you to the page in which you can change plans and add payment information.

Click “Pay with Credit Card”: By clicking on the button you will see in the image below, you’ll be directed to the payment page, in which we’ll need you to add your debit or credit card credentials in order to kickstart the plan payment.

This is it, after paying for your selected plan, you can use WEDO.SCHOOL to its full potential.