Add Zoom Meetings to your Social Group

Good news! WEDO.SCHOOL is now compatible with Zoom and you will be able to host and join meetings through your social groups. To add Zoom Meetings to a group, you first need to create a new group. Click here, to read the full article on how to create Social Groups.

After your group is set up, go to the Manage tab on your group’s menu. Here is where we’ll find the “Zoom” option and we’ll be able to set the connection with Zoom’s servers up.

Tick the checkbox under the label “Yes, I want to connect this group to Zoom”. This will open up a selection of options. The first selection is about who will be able to create meetings within the group. We advise you to set it at “Organizers” only so that you can have total control over who creates the meetings. Alternatively, you can give access to moderators to create Zoom Meetings too.

Next up, we have the Zoom server connection. For this one, you’ll need to go to Log in with your existing Zoom account or create a new one if you don’t have one. Once you are logged in, click on “Develop” at the top right of the screen and then “Build App”.

You will now see a selection of 6 different options. We’ll need the first one labeled “JWT”. Click on Create.

Add a name to that application and fill your credentials as the procedure indicates. You can add dummy information for this step of the procedure as they won’t be used in WEDO.

After you create you application, you’ll get directed to a screen where you can see an API key, an API secret and your Chat History Token. You’ll need the first two to connect Zoom with WEDO.SCHOOL.

Leave that page open and go back to your Group’s page. Bellow Group Permissions, you’ll see the Zoom API Credentials. Add the API Key and Secret from the marketplace and add your Zoom account Email in the field below the API information. You won’t need a verification token so you can dismiss that step. Click on Save Settings.

After you’ve saved your settings, you’ll be able to see a “Check Connection” button next to the Setup Wizard and Save Settings buttons. Click on it and check if the connection to Zoom has been succesful. If it was not, then follow the steps again and make sure you’ve used the correct credentials.

You’ll now be able to see a Zoom tab on your group’s menu. If you don’t see it then click on the “…” symbol on the right to bring up the remainder of the menu items.

In the new page that loads, you can click on “Create New” to start setting up your first meeting on Zoom without having to go to the official website. Go through all settings, which are similar to those used on the original source and then click “Create Meeting”.

You’ll be able to see all meetings, join them or see how much time remains before the start of a meeting by going to the main Zoom page in your Social Group.

If you need more help with setting up Zoom in your Social Groups, you can always contact our support and we’ll be more than welcome to help you out.