The course Builder can help you set up your course through our easy-to-use drag-n-drop system. You have 2 basic options to start building, Sections and Lessons. Click on either or add an existing lesson to start forming the structure of your course.

The WEDO course builder will create a structure and number it accordingly. You can add a name and content to each lesson as well as descriptions for non-enrolled students.

In order to edit and add content to a lesson, click on the editor icon, as shown in the image below. This will redirect you to the lesson editor, so make sure you hit Save before navigating to the new page.

We’d suggest you first add all sections and lessons to the course. This will give you a basic structure and help you navigate easier when editing lessons.

After adding sections and lessons, you can add even more content to your course by implementing assignments and quizzes to it. This is easily done by either clicking on the Assignment or Quiz buttons below each lesson, as shown in the image below:

By clicking on the cog icon (Settings), you can change the accessibility of each lesson. You can set the lesson to Published and backward if needed. You can also add audio or a video through a link on your course. Last but not least, you can choose a lesson to be Free if you want to add a demo. Through the settings icon, you can also add a lesson to a drip feed, which will make it available for students automatically at a later date even if you publish it immediately.

If you want to add some high priority quizzes or assignments to your course, which are not lesson-specific, you can do so from the right sidebar. This will prove useful if you want to add a final quiz to recap all knowledge earned by your course.