Navigation #

The first step into creating your courses in WEDO is navigating to your Dashboard. In order to do this, hover over your school’s name through the top bar.

After that, you want to choose Courses on the sidebar. This will trigger a dropdown menu where you can find the Add Course option. Click that.

Important Information #

The basic layout of your Course will be automatically created. You can choose a title and description for your course at the top of your Course Creation page. Here are the fields you’ll want to input:

The sidebar on the right will let you add some relevant information for your course, like its category, difficulty, some tags and potential tracks you might have chosen for it.

You can also choose a featured image and a cover photo right from the sidebar. Choose Featured image or PHOTO to choose or upload one respectively.

Both those images are important as they’ll be shown on the front page of your course and they should be relative to your subject.

You can get your School Admins to create additional categories, difficulties and tracks if you need some or contact a WEDO admin in order to get assistance through the Course Creation progress.

There are 4 main fields of information that you have to add in order to publish your course. Those are:

  • Course Name
  • Course Description
  • Featured Image
  • Access Plan

Hit publish and your course will be available on WEDO. Up to this point, we haven’t added any content to the course itself.

Access Plan #

Access plans are WEDO’s way of adding payment methods to a course. To find all Access Plan settings, you’ll need to edit a course and scroll down to the Sales Page settings.

Here you see all payment plans and you can create as many as you need. There are free plans, one-time payment plans and recurring payments. You can run sales for those plans and more. To create a new one, click on Add New.

Here you have a variety of settings to choose from. You’ll need a name for your plan, an SKU or product code, the text the button will showcase, its price and more.

For monthly or yearly payments, go to Frequency and select “every”. A new dropdown list will appear and you’ll need to select whether you want this payment to be monthly, yearly and so on.

Since access plans are manual, the user won’t be automatically billed at the end of the month. As soon as the payment time arrives, the course will be locked for the user and you’ll have to manually process the payment and unlock the course again.

You can also run sales for a specific course through Access Plans, offer a trial and restrict unregistered users from seeing this course.

Note that you can add as many plans as you need to a course.

What to do next #

Now that you have published your course, you can move on to the blue button tagged Launch Course Builder. This is where you’ll add all your sections, lessonsquizzes, and assignments. Those will be important in order for your course to be as interactive as possible. Visit our Knowledge Base to find out how exactly you can create them.

Don’t feel pressured with adding all content to your course right away, as you can use the drip method to make a course available at a later date.

You can also assign a group & forum to your course, set reviews to be active for students that have taken your course and manage all students in the class.

After finishing all relevant settings, you can hit publish again. To find more information on how to create lessons, quizzes, and assignments for your courses, visit our Knowledge Base.