You can create a group directly from your user’s dashboard by choosing Groups from the Community tab on the top bar.

Simply click on create a group and you’ll be redirected to the group creation page.

Here you have a selection of inputs such as a name, description as well as settings which enforce the group’s security. Make sure you read through Settings while in group creation and make sure that you are satisfied with the permissions you have given to users.

In Settings, you can also choose the group type of your group which can be one of the following:

  1. Classroom
  2. Department
  3. School
  4. Team

Those are created for you beforehand so that you can manage groups more easily.

You can then select whether or not you want your group to have a dedicated forum. Click on the checkbox to create a forum automatically.

Nesxt up you’ll need to upload profile and cover images for your group and then start inviting users to join. Users can also find your group and apply for acceptance after the group creation.

NOTE: If while creating your group you’re not seeing the full list of users in your school, try not adding your group to a group type. After adding all users you want in the group, you can head to Manage and add the group type after the Group creation.