The Lesson Editor is the bread and butter of our course creating procedure, including a variety of different content to add like text, video, audio, images, and more. You can add as many as you want in each lesson.

How to add content #

NOTE: The “Mark Complete” and “Next-Previous Lesson” much be at the bottom of the lesson. After adding all your lesson content, remember to move those blocks to the end.

As soon as you enter the Lesson editor, you’ll find a premade version of the final lesson. This includes:

  • Lesson title
  • an action button: This button has two forms depending on your type of lesson. If you have a quiz tied to the lesson, the button will be “Start Quiz”. If you have an assignment tied to the lesson, it will be “Start Assignment”. If the lesson does only include content, then the button will be “Mark Complete” and it will be the button which students will
  • Previous & Next Lesson buttons: The previous and next buttons will appear here. If this is first lesson of the course, the left button will be “Back to course”. If this is the last lesson of the course, the right button will be “Back to course”. Any quizzes or assignments you have created for the previous and next lessons will appear below them as well. Those blocks, however, won’t be visible to students.

All the content you want to add to your course needs to be added between the Lesson title and the Mark Complete button.

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To do that you have two options. You can either create a new block between the Lesson title and the “Mark Complete” button by hitting Enter once after adding your title.

The other way is by writing all your content below the “Previous-Next Lesson”. After you are done, you will need to select the “Mark Complete” and the “Previous-Next Lesson” buttons and use the down button to move them all the way to the bottom of the page. See the image bellow for referrence:

In the content area, you can add as much content as you need. Here’s an example of how your lesson should look like after adding some text:

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After adding all the content you can scroll down to find all Lesson Settings. Here you can add a general video or audio if this lesson is all recorded and make the lesson free.

Settings #

Prerequisites #

You can choose Prerequisites if you want to have a steady and strict flow to your course. To do so, click on the toggle icon on the Enable Prerequisite tab.

After that, you’ll see a dropdown list containing all your available lessons. Choosing one will set this lesson as not available until the student finishes the prerequisite.

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Drip Settings #

Next up on the settings we have the Drip Settings. This setting will make your lesson available at a certain date or an amount of time after a student joins the course.

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All you need to do is fill in the appropriate information. If you choose the lesson to become available on a specific date then just add the date and time it will become available.

If you choose this lesson to become available at a certain point after the student’s enrollment, then just add the number of days after enrollment you want.

Quiz #

If you have created a quiz for the lesson, then here you can set its score to determine whether or not the student can move on to the next lesson. By clicking the toggle icon and enabling the Require Passing Grade, you prompt students to pass the quiz for this lesson in order to move to the next one.

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When you are satisfied with the lesson, click Update and go back to the Course Editor.