Engagements in WEDO School are ways to communicate with a student, award achievements and certificates automatically as they complete specific tasks on the platform. Those can be enrolling to a course, completing a lesson, engaging in a forum and more.

To start creating an engagement click on Add Engagement on the Engagements tab:

You have a set of setting related to the engagement you want to create. First you need to set a Triggering Event, which is when will the engagement will occur. There’s a variety of options to choose on the dropdown menu. For engagement triggers related to lessons, courses, quizzes and so on, you will need to also specify which exactly part of the course you want the student to interact with.

After selecting the trigger, you’ll need to set the action. You can either reward and achievement, an email or a certificate. Depending on which option you choose, you’ll need to select a specific action on the Select an Engagement tab below.

Note that you’ll have to create an action before you’ll be able to see it in the Select an Engagement list. Those actions can be:

  • Email
  • Achievement
  • Certificate
  • Private Post Automation

You can navigate to the corresponding article to read more about certain engagements.

Last but not least, you can set an engagement delay which will make the trigger happen after a certain amount of time. Leave blank or type 0 to make the trigger take place instantly.