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LMS Groups are useful for School Owners and Admins to set Families or Training Departments so that the parents or moderators can check the progress of students. To create a new LMS group go to your Admin Dashboard and choose LMS Groups under the WEDO LMS APP tab.

As soon as you click Add New Group, you’ll see the main page of your group where you can add all basic information. You’ll need to add a Name, a Web Adress Slug which consists only of lowcase characters, numbers and dashes, a profile image and a cover image.

In addition, you’ll need to set the visibility status of your group, which can either be Private, for groups that are visible to all logged in users or Closed where only users in the group can see it.

Last but not least, you can set a course or membership to be tied to the group and this is an important part of the process. The course you tie to this group will have its progress visible within the group for all members.

To see all user progress in a course, click on Reports. Here, you can see what percentage of the course each student has completed as well as their grade for each assignment and quiz within it.

On the right sidebar, click on the plus icon next to Members to invite new members to the group and set their permissions as a member, an Administrator, or a Leader. You can also click on Enable Link to create a shareable link for users to join your group.

To set a finite number of members that the group shall have, click on the plus icon next to SEATS on the right sidebar within the LMS group. This will add more seats to your group.

Where to See LMS Groups #

In order to see all LMS groups in which you participate, you need to navigate to your Student Dashboard through the frontend of WEDO.SCHOOL.

If you want to see all LMS groups whether you are a member of them or not, visit the link (yourschoolname)