Rooms are WEDO SCHOOL’s place for video and voice conferencing. In order to participate in large scale conferences you’ll need to get WEDO COINS as this is the virtual currency we use.

In order to buy WEDO COINS, you need to navigate to My Rooms tab.

Then, from My Rooms page, you can buy WEDO COINS using your credit card.

You can always use the WEDO FREE plan for 1 to 1 unlimited calls for 1 hour. In order to create a new Room, click the “Add Room” button in the My Rooms tab.

Here you’ll need to input the following information:

Room Name: the name of the conference you want to make

Plans: How many people will be joining the room? (WEDO FREE: 2, WEDO 5: 5, WEDO 25: 25 and so on)

Viewer Password: a password for regular viewers to use in order to join the room

Moderator Password: a password for room and chat moderators to use

Note that the Viewer and Moderator passwords have to be different in order for the room to be created.

Recordable: whether or not you want the conference to be recorded.

Click Add Room and you’re done, you can now send the link of your newly created room to other people and invite them.