Activate WEDOLMS ConvertKit

Installation #

ConvertKit, much like Mailchimp can add mailing options to your course website on WEDO.SCHOOL.

To start using WEDOLMS ConvertKit you’ll need to connect WEDOLMS ConvertKit to ConvertKit via the API by adding your API credentials to the settings area of the plugin.

  1. In ConvertKit, your API credentials can be found at this address:
  2. On your course website, navigate to WEDOLMS -> Settings -> Integrations -> ConvertKit.
  3. Copy your API Key and API Secret from ConvertKit and paste them into the respective fields on the settings screen.
  4. Click “Save” on the top of the settings screen. If your API credentials are correct, you’ll see a green success message, otherwise, check them for accuracy and try again.

If everything looks good, it’s time to turn WEDOLMS ConvertKit on by checking the box next to “Enable / Disable” above the API credential fields.

New User Registration Automations #

If you want to add specific tags and sequences to users that register to your course website, you’ll first need to create them on ConvertKit and then, those fields will show up on the dropdown lists so that you can select the appropriate one.

Custom Fields #

If you have chosen to send purchase data to ConvertKit through the WEDO.SCHOOL integration, then you will need to create some custom fields on ConvertKit in order to associate all user fields. You can see which fields, you’ll need to create on the image below:

If you find that something is missing from your ConvertKit integration on WEDO.SCHOOL, click on “Clear Cached Data” so that the lists will be refreshed.