Activate WEDOLMS Mailchimp

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Instalation #

WEDO.SCHOOL gives you the opportunity to connect Mailchimp to your course website in order for you to create user lists for automated emails and newsletters. You cal later add users to lists whenever users register to your course website, when a user enrolls to a course or a membership.

You can find and enable the Mailchimp integration by going to WEDO LMS on your Admin Dashboard and choose Settings.

Then, choose Integrations and then WEDO LMS Mailchimp.

WEDO LMS MailChimp need a MailChimp API to start working.

To connect to the API on your WordPress admin panel navigate to WEDOLMS Settings -> Integrations and locate the MailChimp Settings area.

  1. Enable the add-on by checking the Enable / Disable checkbox
  2. Click Save at the bottom of the screen
  3. In MailChimp, generate a new API key by following the steps outlined at
  4. Return to WordPress and paste your API key into the API Key text box
  5. Click Update Lists

Now, you can start adding users automatically to Mailing Lists on Mailchimp upon registration or course, membership enrollment. You can select in which list your users will be added on Mailchimp on the “Default List” tab.

You can also set confimation email for users by clicking the “Confirmation Emails” checkbox.

Now that Mailchimp is set on your course website, you can start adding its functionalty to courses and memberships. Whenever you now edit a membership or course, you’ll see a Mailchimp tab on the “Course Options” or “Membership Options” respectively.