Activate WEDOLMS Twilio

Table of Contents

For WEDOLMS Twilio to function, it must be able to connect to the Twilio API. To connect to the API you must locate your Account SID and your Auth Token and add them to the WEDOLMS Twilio settings fields.

  • Login to your Twilio account console
  • Find your Account SID and Auth Token
    Twilio API Keys
  • Once you have your keys, navigate to your WordPress admin panel in a new tab
  • Head to WEDOLMS -> Settings -> Integrations and locate the Twilio section
  • Paste your Account SID and Auth Token into the respective fields
  • Check the box for “Enable / Disable” to turn the integration on
  • Click “Save Changes”

This will save your API credentials to the database. For increased security you can store your credentials in your wp-config.php file:

Selecting a From Number #

After adding your API credentials, a list of of SMS-capable phone numbers from your Twilio account will be available.

Select the From Number which SMS notifications and engagements will come from.

If no phone numbers are listed you need to purchase a phone number on your Twilio Account to proceed.

The Default Auto-Reply setting allows you to customize the response message sent to anyone who sends an SMS message to this number that cannot be parsed by the Text To Enroll handler.