We know that taking on courses that consist only of paragraphs is boring. Studies prove that. As it seems, you need a steady change of text, images and videos to keep the learner intrigued and focused. This is why, WEDO.SCHOOL provides a variety of multimedia types to add to your lessons

Images #

You can click on the + icon next to a text block and click on the Image icon to add an image to your lesson. You will be redirected to the “Upload Media” tab where you can upload or choose the image you want to add.

Video #

To add a video, choose its icon from the block list and choose “Upload” to add a brand new video to your lesson. If you want to add a video from a URL like Youtube or Vimeo, click on “Insert from URL” and simply add the link.

Gallery #

Same as the picture upload, you can use the “Gallery” icon from the block library to choose multiple images and add them to your course.

Shortcode #

Choosing the “Shortcode” block will let you add any type of shortcode script to your lesson. This can include interactive content like H5P templates, contact forms, or custom galleries.

Audio #

Click on the “Audio” icon and then “Upload” to add your own mp3, wav or other sound format files to your course. A player will be automatically created within the lesson.

Downloadable File #

If you need to upload files that students will need to download in order to progress in their course or complete an assignment, then choose the “File” icon and then upload the file you need. This will create a “Download File” prompt for students to click and initiate the download procedure.