All lessons in WEDO.SCHOOL, as well as posts are created through the Block Editor which gives you the option to add any type of content onto the page. Basically, what you do is choose the type of add the type of content you want and then it generates for you.

Add Blocks #

To start using the block editor, you’ll need to add a title to it and then start adding content by clicking on the “+” icon. A list of prefered content types will appear but you can always click on “Browse all” to see the full list.

Through the block editor you can add images, video, sliders, interactive content, audio and more to your page.

After you add all the content you need onto the page, make sure to click Publish on the top right corner and make your page visible to everyone. If you wish to save your page and continue editing it later or publish it at another date, click on “Save Draft”.

Change Block Order #

If you wish to move one of your content blocks up or down, then simply click on the block and you will see its options floating panel. See the up and down arrows and use those to move the content accordingly.

Another way to move blocks is by moving your curson to the 6 dot icon on the left of the arrow buttons and drag the block up or down and leave it whenever you want.

Delete Block #

To delete a block, click on the 3 dot icon on the floating panel and then click “Remove block”.