Email Invite #

WEDO Admins and LMS Managers can invite other managers, teachers and students to WEDO in order to populate the online schol. The procedure is fairly easy and won’t take more than a few seconds. To start inviting users, click on Email Invites under your name on the top bar.

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On Send Invites, enter the recipient’s name and email, add a customized message and the email subject and click Send Invites. Note that you can add more than one email addresses by clicking on the +icon.

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You can view all send invites on the corresponding tab and check which users have accepted it or have not read it yet.

This is what the email sent to users looks like:

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The link within the email is an individual one-time activation link and cannot be used by another user other than the recipient.

User Registration #

If you don’t want to go through the email invite procedure, then you can simply share the school homepage link with all students and faculty and have them join the school on their own. The school homepage link follows the same structure [school url]

As soon as the recipients use the link they’ll be able to see the register button on the top right of the screen. Remember that after their registration, you’ll need to asign a role and profile type to them. Find out how to do that here.