After the finish of your registration, your school’s front page will be set according to the template you chose through the process. The template, in the beginning will have demo data inserted so you’ll need to edit it and add your own information.

To do so, navigate to your front page as a School Owner or School Admin. On the top bar, you’ll see an option labeled “Live Editor”. Click it.

Edit Text, Images, Icons #

This will open the front page in editing mode and you’ll be able to click and edit each element. You’ll recognize all changeable objects by the border around them. See below for an example:

After you click on the object, you’ll be able to add, edit and delete content as well as change images, icons.

Edit Backgrounds #

To change a background, click on it. On the bottom left corner, you’ll see a brush icon. Click it and you’ll be able to choose or upload another one.

Edit Contact Form #

To Edit a form, click on the whole form and you’ll get a popup prompting you to add your information in order to setup the email contacts appropriately.

If you need more help, don’t hesitate to use our Live Chat support on and have one of our specialists help you through the process.