What Private Areas are? #

Private Areas are areas in which students and their instructors can communicate directly, give and take feedback after specific lessons, quizzes, and assignments. Private areas are strictly 1 to 1 and no other user can access those special pages.

With WEDO.SCHOOL you can create private content for your students and members who are unique to their needs and goals. By creating private posts you can automatically display a private area for each student.

LifterLMS Private Areas includes two key features:

  1. The ability to create private posts. Each private post is associated with a single student and a single course or membership. Private posts are, essentially, private blog posts with an option (also private) discussion area for the teacher and student. Private posts can be found in a student’s private area. You do not need to create an actual private area. The private area exists as soon as a private post is created.
  2. The ability to create automations. Each automation is a template of private post(s) which are automatically created when triggered by an associated engagement. Automations will allow you to, for example, automatically create a private post for each new student when they enroll into a specific course or complete a specific quiz.

Where can I find my private areas as an instructor? #

To find all your private areas as an instructor, you’ll have to go to your Admin Dashboard and choose “Private Posts” on the menu. Go to Private Posts and there you can see all open communication areas with specific students.

Whenever you create an automatic private area, this post will show up automatically on this page.

You can choose whichever private post you need to attend to if a student has commented. You can also see if and when a student has seen the private post.

Where can I find my private areas as a student? #

You private area as a student is tied to a specific course. This means that you get one private area for each course you enroll to. You can join the private area by navigating to the course’s page and you’ll find the prompt button right under the course’s featured image.