After you’ve created your room, it will be added to the Rooms tab on your sidebar. In addition, all students in your course will be able to see it there.

The Rooms interface is extremely easy to navigate and you’ll get the hang of it as soon as you enter the room. First, you’ll be prompted to join the Echo Test and setup your microphone. You can choose between audio-only and microphone setup. Make sure you can listen to your voice before submitting the test.

After submission, you’ll be seeing the basic interface of the WEDO room.

Social Sidebar #

On the left, you’ll see a full list of all members currently in the room. You can use the public Chat to communicate with other members verbally and share notes on the NOTES tab.

If you click on your icon, you’ll see a series of statuses, helpful for communicating when the room has no all-voice purposes.

On the main screen, you can either see the presentation you uploaded, a static poster to market your room or cameras for members.

Presentation #

You can upload your presentation by clicking on the plus icon on the bottom of the screen. Choose Upload a presentation and you are set. If you want members to be able to download your presentation, you can click on the file icon, as the picture below dictates:

You can navigate through the slides on your presentation by using the arrows on the bottom of the screen and head to a specific one by opening the dropdown menu in the middle.

Presentation Tips:

-Have your presentation set in landscape mode so that you can have a full screen view of your content.

-Add some white pages in your presentation, so that you can use it as a whiteboard.

-If your presentation is long, you might want to split it in more than one so that members don’t have connection issues while downloading it.

Whiteboard #

The reason we propose white slides in your presentation is due to our Whiteboard functionality, letting you draw shapes, add text and free sketch on your presentation. To use it, simply open the menu by clicking on the first icon on the right:

The second icon will delete the last addition to the whiteboard. With the Trash Can icon you can delete all shapes.

The last and most important icon will enable the multi-draw tool, giving all members the opportunity to draw on the same page. You will be able to see everyone’s cursor on the screen and check who adds what.

Screen Sharing #

As a teacher, you can enable the Screen Sharing info by clicking on the Monitor icon on the bottom of the screen. A popup window will ask your permission to display your monitor and you’re set. Everything you see on the screen you selected will be simultaneously shared with the group. After the video is done, click on Stop Sharing Video and you’ll be back on your presentation.

Polls #

By clicking on the Plus icon on the left, you can also start a poll among the group. You can choose between the following types of answers:







-Custom Poll (Write your own answers)

You won’t be able to write the question, only display a popup window for everyone to answer so make sure your task is clear and everyone understood it before answering. After the poll has ended, you can remove it by clicking on the Trash Can icon.

Camera/Video #

Rooms have the option of displaying multiple cameras on demand, if the creator wishes to. You can disable it, by clicking on Disable Camera on the bottom of the screen.

You can also share a video with the group by clicking on the Plus icon and choosing share external video. A popup will ask for a Youtube link and as soon as you enter one, the video will start playing for everyone.

This is pretty much everything you need to know in order to get around Rooms. If you have more questions, feel free to contact an administrator and have your questions answered quickly and efficiently.