Whether you are a School Owner, an Admin or a Student, you get a Student Dashboard as soon as you join a school on WEDO.SCHOOL. On this dashboard, you can view all relevant information to your student account as well as profile settings which will be needed for payment process in WEDO.

To navigate to your Student Dashboard, click on the corresponding icon on the bottom left corner as shown in the image below:

The Student Dashboard includes a variety of tabs, each of which corresponds to an area of your student progress.

My Courses #

On My Courses, you can view all your ongoing and completed courses:

My Grades #

On this tab, you can view all your grades, on each course as well as your progress in each of them.

My Memberships #

If you have chosen any of the available membership subscriptions within the school, they will show up here. By default, it’s not necessary to have any memberships to operate a school website on WEDO.SCHOOL.

My Achievements #

All your achievements will show up here. This doesn’t include platform achievements and is limited to school owner and admin created achievements through the Engagement process.

My Certificates #

If the courses you attend offer certificates upon completion, you can view and download them through this tab.

Notification #

All platform-wide notifications will pop up here. This means that whenever you finish a course, lesson, assignment or quiz that triggers a platform notification you can see it here.

Edit Account #

This is the area where you can edit or add your profile information. These information is used strictly for course enrollment and won’t show up on the social side of WEDO.SCHOOL if you don’t wish to.

Redeem a Voucher #

If you own a voucher for a course or membership, you can redeem it on this tab. A voucher can act as a discount coupon for a course, a free membership or a prompt to make a private course available for you in the school.

Order History #

Here, you can view all completed orders. This includes course enrollment completions, membership subscriptions and course purchases. You can click on View to read the full receipt.

Sign Out #

This is one of the two ways in which you can safely sign out of the scholl website. You can also use the dropdown menu by hovering over your name on the top right corner.