One of Rooms’ core features is its Whiteboard functionality, which gives you access to an array of tools to use. This includes a pencil tool, basic shapes and text.

To start using the Whiteboard, you’ll need a presentation with blank pages. By default, WEDO.SCHOOL offers a blank presentation but if you want you can create your own.

To create a presentation with blank pages you’ll need to create a .pdf or .pptx presentation. In that document, leave some pages blank so that you can use those as a whiteboard. Then you can upload that presentation and use if on your next meeting.

As soon as you enter Rooms you will see the Whiteboard and you can start using it right away. Just choose the type of tool you want from the buttons on the right of the screen.

You can also allow multiple users to use the whiteboard, in order to complete a task or provide information on a matter. To do so, click the Multi-use button as shown in the image below: