In the WEDO LMS Settings tab, you can see all settings that relate to your courses. School owners and admins can only access this tab and make changes to fit the school’s character.

To navigate to the LMS settings, go to your Admin Dashboard and choose Settings.

General #

The first tab, General is an overview of what your school has accomplished so far. You can see all student enrollment, sales, registrations and lessons completed statistics and set which school roles will be able to override restrictions when viewing courses. Those restrictions can be:

  • Enrollment Status
  • Drip Content
  • Prerequisites
  • Memberships

To add a new role to the list of Unrestricted Preview Access, click on the box and you’ll see a dropdown menu of all available roles in your school. Choose the one you want and it will be added to the list.

To delete a role, simply click on the X next to the role’s name.

Courses #

Course Settings #

In this area, you can enable the checkbox to make the “Retake Lessons” available. Basically, after you enable retakes, students will be able to join a course and do it again despite finishing it.

Course Catalog Settings #

This tab shows you options on how to display courses in your school. Your Course Catalog is the page in which all courses are shown in your school. Make sure you don’t change the default selection in this area.

What you can change freely is the number of courses shown in each page and their ordering which can be alphabetical, most recent course or default order.

Memberships #

Membership Settings #

If you want to restrict your whole school to a specific membership status, you can select one already created membership to do so in this tab. Make sure you don’t use this without carefully going through your membership settings or else students might be locked out of your school.

Memberships Catalog #

Much like the course catalog, here you can choose the number of memberships per page and their sorting.

Accounts #

Student Dashboard #

In this tab, you can set how courses will be sorted in the Student Dashboard. We recommend the Enrollment Date selection, since it ensures that most recent courses will be shown first.

Student Dashboard Endpoints #

Each endpoint allows students to view more information or manage parts of their account. Each endpoint should be unique, URL-safe, and can be left blank to disable the endpoint completely.

Don’t tamper with those endpoints, as they might break your school’s functionality. Advise with an admin before you make any changes.

User Information Options #

Here, you can find a variety of settings that you need in order to be safe that your orders and register procedures are safe and abide with the law.

By default, we have made all the default selections to make your school as transparent as possible. If you need to change some of those settings, please first ask a WEDO admin for more information on what you need to change.

Checkout #

Here you can find settings that relate to your payment method. The area you want to look out for when setting up payments (if needed), is the Currency Options area.

Currency Options #

Here, you can select the default currency information in your country. Go through the options and change them accordingly.

Engagements #

In this area, you can change all default Email Settings and Certificate Settings for your engagements. These are important steps in the school creation process if you want to make Engagements a prominent part of your school.

Email Settings #

Change the settings available here to customize all emails sent to students, admins and instructors by your school through WEDO.SCHOOL. What you’ll need:

  • Your school’s name as a Sender
  • Your school’s main email address
  • Your logo in a resolution of 1000px width max as a header image
  • A quote to use as footer text

Certificate Settings #

Here, you can set the default dimensions of certificate background images. You can advise with a WEDO admin to help you with your certificate creation.

Notifications #

Here you can view and edit all notifications sent by WEDO to users depending on the type of action they completed. By clicking on a Configure’s name, you can edit that particular notification.

Make sure to NEVER change the {{name}} fields when editing a notification. These are variables and will change dynamically within the notification depending on the type of content they include.

If you need more help with going through your school’s LMS Settings, you can always use our 24/7 support live chat and one of our admins will help you solve any issues.