We know that navigating in a new application can be a tricky task and it takes a while to get fully accustomed to a new interface. In this article, we’ll go over the basic areas in your new WEDO school.

There are two main areas you can access:

  1. Admin Dashboard (backend)
  2. School (frontend)

The main difference between the two is that as an admin, instructor or school owner you’ll be doing most of editing through the Admin Dashboard while students and parents will interact with the School view or the frontend as we call it.

Admin Dashboard (Backend) #

The Admin Dashboard is what we call the back-end of the application. This is where the school personel will be able to create courses, upload media, manage users and engagements.

This is the Admin Dashboard:

You can navigate to the Admin Dashboard whether by clicking on the logo on the top left corner or by clicking Dashboard on the top bar:

Clicking on the logo while in the Admin Dashboard or clicking on School Name -> Visit School on the top bar will bring you back to your School.

Visit School (Frontend) #

This is the Public School view:

You can distinguish the Admin Dashboard from the School view by the sidebar. While on your School’s view, you’ll be able to see a slim sidebar with icons indicating some of the key areas in your school.

Here’s where you can create rooms, see the event calendar, documents and more.

Student Dashboard #

On the bottom left corner, you can see the Student Dashboard. This is where all information about the student is. Unlike the profile, the Student Dashboard is only visible to the user and this is where he/she can see all courses, grades, achievements etc. The user can also edit details for his account here too.

Timeline #

The Timeline is your social footprint on your school. Every social interaction you make is posted here, just like it would on your Facebook profile. Others can comment on and like your activities.

News Feed #

The News Feed is similar to your Timeline. However, it includes all activity for all users on the platform. This is where students will be able to see when instructors have created new events or assignments, when users join groups and their latest updates. To navigate here go to Community-> News Feed on the School top bar.

If you find any issues in navigating through your school you can use our 24/7 customer support chat at We’ll be here to help you out through the process.