• School Owner: This role is the super user. Can do everything all other user roles can and additionally can get access to H5P content after the initial plan selection.
  • School Admin: This role can manage everything regarding the users, courses, groups, forums, rooms and payments (Access Plans) created in the school
  • LMS Manager: This role can manage everything about WEDO LMS APP.
  • Instructor: This role sees only his content and has no rights in managing payments. Instructors can create, edit, and delete their own courses (sections, lessons, quizzes, and quiz questions) and memberships. Instructors can also create new Instructor’s Assistants to help them manage their own courses. Instructors cannot enroll or unenroll students.
  • Instructor’s Assistant: This role manages only course-related content. Instructor’s Assistants are similar to Instructors but they can only edit courses they’ve been assigned to. Editing a course will allow them to create and delete sections, lessons, quizzes, and quiz questions within that course but they may not create or delete courses themselves.
  • Student: This role has no access to the admin panel and can only interact with the frontend of the site. A student can only view the content of courses and memberships their enrolled in and edit their own user profile information.