WEDO.SCHOOL Pricing Model

The total cost for operating your WEDO.SCHOOL includes:

WEDO.SCHOOL Pricing Model

The total cost for operating your WEDO.SCHOOL includes:

Your Annual Course Website Plan

Your plan includes the creation of your course website, the use of all core features (apps) and it is based on the number of users on your website.


ROOMS, our advanced video conferencing tool is integrated into your course website, but you will need to buy credits to use it to deliver your courses more effectively.

Our Course Website Plans

€0.99 /user /month or 2 months FREE /year

  • 15-day FREE TRIAL

    (no credit card needed)

  • Up to 50 Users

  • 1.25 GB Storage

  • 15-day FREE TRIAL

    (no credit card needed)

  • Up to 100 Users

  •  2.5 GB Storage

  • 1 H5P User

  • Custom Domain

  • 15-day FREE TRIAL

    (no credit card needed)

  • Up to 200 Users

  • 5 GB Storage
  • 1 H5P User

  • Custom Domain

  • 15-day FREE TRIAL

    (no credit card needed)

  • 400 Users

  • 10 GB Storage

  • 1 H5P User

  • Custom Domain

*Add-on Storage (1 GB): 1 € Monthly or 10 € Yearly

Need A

Personalized Solution?

Contact us directly if our plans don't meet your needs. We'll create a pricing plan just for you. 

Also, check out our Extension Store to find Add-ons and Services that expand the functionality of your course website.

Check out our demo to find out what your Course Website could look like in less than day!

ROOMS Credits



ROOMS Credits



ROOMS Credits



ROOMS Credits



ROOMS Credits

WEDO 100


ROOMS Credits

Interested in

WEDO Rooms?

Join for free and use WEDO Coins to start your own room.


Absolutely! You can always use the drip-method to create lessons and make them available to users on a specific date or at a number of days after the student’s enrollment. You can see how to do it here.

Of course. Our Course Builder allous you to reorder lessons through simple drag-n-drop. You only need to find the lesson you need to move and drag its block to the area you wish to.

You can have as many multiple teachers as you want as soon as you pricing plan allows you to have that many users. Practically, you can add any user and assign them a role, so this makes the Instructor role open to multiple individuals.

Of course! Theoretically, you can create as many courses as you want. Practically, our pricing plans come with a limitation in available storage. This puts a soft limit on the number of courses you create. We can’t know the exact number of courses you can create. This depends on the number of multimedia you add to your courses.

Of course! Our Live Editor gives you access to our text, image and icon editing tool in order to easily customize your homepage.

For a more advanced solution, we offer additional services with which you can add more pages, more blocks and new functionality to your course website upon request.

No, WEDO.SCHOOL offers a 15-day free trial, no matter which pricing plan you choose. However, as soon as the trial ends, you will need to complete your purchase so that you can continue using all our apps and features.

WEDO.SCHOOL is not only a course builder. Upon creating your course website, you get a full social network which you can use in order to communicate with other users.

The ways in which you can communicate with other users are:

  • Private Instant Chat
  • Timeline comments and posts
  • Forum Comments and Threads
  • Private Areas for Instructor-Student communication
  • Group Discussions
  • Rooms Chat & Voice Chat

Absolutely! WEDO.SCHOOL is fully responsive which means that you can navigate and take on courses on the go, on mobile and tablet devices.

Of course, you can change your plan by upgrading or downgrading it at any time. As a result, you won’t be charged for the full amount.

WEDO.SCHOOL offers online payments through Paypal, Stripe and On your own school, you can also have manual payments at your own workplace.

In case you have any issues with finding your way around WEDO.SCHOOL, you first need to visit our Knowledge Base and read through our comprehensive guides of creating courses, rooms and groups.

If the Knowledge Base doesn’t include what you need then you can always use our Support Live Chat and one of our admins will reply to you and help you out as soon as possible.

WEDO.SCHOOL allows administrators and owners to invite users to their course website through email invites. This allows users to automatically be accepted and put into their corresponding user roles without the admin having to do anything else.

However, if you prefer the classic method, you can always send your homepage URL to all users you want to invite and they can register on their own.

Parents can join WEDO.SCHOOL if you wish so. Remember that parents will count as users too, so make sure your pricing plan has enough available members so that you can invite everyone.

WEDO.SCHOOL allows you to add any type of content into your course as long as it is supported by a classic text editor. This includes text, lists, images, videos, audio and more.

WEDO.SCHOOL allows you to add any type of content into your course as long as it is supported by a classic text editor. This includes text, lists, images, videos, audio and more.

If you wish to offer certifications to students upon course completion, you can create one. All you need is a background image and to create the text on the certification using the variables WEDO.SCHOOL provides.


No, with WEDO FREE Plan you can create unlimited rooms to host 1-1 meetings.

Our algorithm calculates the max meeting time based on the user’s balance. Example: a user with 25 coins can open a room with 25 users for 1 hour (WEDO 25 Plan), or a room with 5 users (WEDO 5 Plan) for 5 hours and so on…

As long as you have enough coins to support multiple Rooms, you can have as many as you want. Note that whenever you join an existing room as a host, we will deduct the coins that correspond to the amount of users and time you had during your meeting.

As soon as you want one Room to remain online, of course! You can delete rooms whenever you don’t want one. As a result, you can use a Room as many times as you need.

Rooms has a “mobile-first” design. Like the desktop, there is no mobile app to download or install. Rooms runs within your mobile browser. However, you will need iOS version 12.2+ and Android version 6.0+ in order to join Rooms. To join a session, you click a link within the browser, and Rooms will run within Safari Mobile (iOS) or Google Chrome (Android).

Rooms is supported by all major browsers, including Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Safari Mobile. For best results on desktop and laptops, we recommend Chrome or Firefox. Some of our main features like the screen sharing and the webcam are not supported by Safari, so if you are using Apple devices, you might want to use Chrome for Rooms.

Of course, you can set a Room as recordable during the Room creation procedure. You can see the recording on the Rooms tab after you finish your conference.

Unfortunately yes. Although we’d love to make Rooms available to more users, right now the maximum users available in a room is 100 participants.